Gain Clarity & End The Confusion Webinar Series

Gain access to our library of webinar videos outlining all details of the college planning process. Our 5-step proprietary College Planning Roadmap will guide you through the entire planning process with an easy-to-follow timeline taking you from where you are currently to an informed confident decision maker.

This is perfect for the Parent of underclassman who aren’t feeling the stress of Senior Year yet but want to start to learn about the process or the Parent who feels confident enough they can learn the process on their own but might need to book one or two coaching sessions down the line to connect all the dots.

Subscription To The College Planning Roadmap

One Time Cost of $49.95

Including 45-min Personal One-on-One Coaching Sessions w/ college funding expert Mike Daly, normally $97.50 for only $78 (20% discount)

*100% Money Back Guarantee If You Don't Think We've Added Any Value On The Call*