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Every year, students can access an estimated 1.58 million scholarships. This means that, for every eight students in college, one gets a

Across the country, 34% of students are awarded a Pell Grant. More than half of these funds are provided to students with

CSS, FAFSA, EFC; the acronyms often seem endless. However, each one is equally important, and the CSS Profile is something all parents,

If you or your child is among the millions of students seeking a degree from a college or university, then it’s important

It’s reported that 85% of students receive financial aid to offset the cost of tuition. This may include loans, grants, scholarships, and

During the 2021-2021 FAFSA application cycle, 17.8 million forms were completed. Whether you’re a student or parent, you’re probably wondering about the

Anyone looking for federal student aid must complete the FAFSA form. You don’t have to pay to complete it, as it’s free.

During the 2020-2021 FAFSA application cycle, 17.8 million FAFSAs were submitted. If you’re planning on applying for the first time, you may