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What is the CPR Method ?

The information age of the past 25 years has made it easier to examine all the moving parts when it comes to paying for college and identify all the loopholes and angles you can utilize. But the information is vast, often making parents feel overwhelmed and confused which makes it very difficult to connect all the dots and feel confident in their decision making.

We have developed a proprietary method where we deliver you the information you need, at the exact perfect time you need it, in small bite size pieces that are simple and easy to understand.
We call this method our College Planning Roadmap or “C.P.R.” as it will stop your families bank accounts from flat lining when paying for college!

The roadmap provides step by step instructions, including personalized guidance, to take you from where you are now trying to figure out the maze called college planning, to your destination of being an informed confident consumer paying for college with the least amount of debt as possible.

Who was the CPR method created for:

Busy, hardworking, multitasking mothers with limited time.

Families feeling overwhelmed and confused with the entire Financial Aid Process.

Parents interested in investing in their child’s future so they have more opportunities and earning potential post-graduation.

Families that want to feel utterly confident in their decisions and sleep easy knowing they did everything they could for their child.

Parents that are desperate for simple, easy-to-follow advice to help them gain clarity, connect all the dots and pay for college with the least amount of debt possible.


About Mike Daly

I grew up in a small community in northern New Jersey composed mostly of working class families who viewed a college education as a pathway to career opportunities leading to a better life. My family was no different, so after graduating from college with a degree in business management, I started my career in the financial services industry in 2006.

Several years into my career, I noticed a common trend among families I spoke with: they had many questions about planning and paying for college. Most questions were centered around the college financial aid system and “How to pay for college with the least amount of debt?”

Recognizing the growing need for help and the limited resources available, I decided to dedicate my career to leveling the playing field and fighting for these families by creating College Funding Professionals and our mission of “Preventing A Student Debt Crisis One Family At A Time”.

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